Excellence Through Training

Teams: Raiders, Rifle, Drill, and Color Guard

Team Announcements/Events:


Be prepared for the JROTC Olympics on MARCH 5th

In JROTC, we take pride in our Variety of special teams. We have several teams to suit the different talents available within the battalion. For those who are precise and focused, we have teams like the rifle team or if you like to perform, we also have Drill and Color Guard. Want to show off your physical skills? Try Raiders, a team that competes in many challenging physical and teamwork-oriented events such as obstacle course and rope bridge. Joining a team is strongly encouraged, and special test exemptions are given to those who participate. Once on a team, cadets have the opportunity to go to various events around the region and compete against rival JROTC programs. Teamwork is important, and cadets develop a unique "esprit de corps" or a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group within their teams through working together and accomplishing extraordinary feats. Being a part of the team is a unique experience, something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. So find something you are interested in and join a team today!