Excellence Through Training

Saber Team and Color Guard


Color Guard practice: Mondays and Wednesdays till 1630

Saber team practice: Thursday during Advisory



                                      UPCOMING EVENTS:

Military Ball- Saturday, May 7th 2021

Branching off from the drill team is the color guard and saber team. The color guard is responsible for the presenting of the colors, or national, state, and sometimes unit flags, at events such as football games or formal ceremonies like the end of the year military ball. The color guard normally consists of four to five members, which includes two rifles, and at least two flags.

   The saber team is very similar to the drill team except that they use sabers instead of rifles. The saber team typically performs at formal events such as the military ball where they form the receiving line by arcing their swords. Both teams require the amount of hard work and dedication as the drill team, and both grant their members grand experiences.

The color guard is currently lead by C/Ltc. Gregory

The saber team is currently lead by C/1Lt. Brewer