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All Awards of high honor; significant promotions and/or awarded positions will be posted here. 

Cadet of the Month: May

c/1ST SGT Braden Beavers

The 2018 Annual Military Ball Awards And Recipients:
*Military Order of the Purple Heart - Alex Dees
*Reserved Officers Association - TC Jones
*Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) - Micah Perry and Ashlynn Coop
*Sojourners - Kaya Self
*Association of the United States Army - Dylan Cain
*Military Order of the World Wars - Marrissa Parris
*Daedalian -  Ashley Gilbert
*American Legion - Angel Lopez
*Sons of the American Revolution - Marie Culp
*Daughters of the American Revolution - Olivia McMahan
*Scottish Rite - Tyler Kennedy
*Military Officers Association of America Award - Marie Culp
*American Veterans Award - Megan Muncy
*Sons of the Union Veterans - Elijah Wright
*Sons of the Confederate Veterans - Haden Ward
*82nd Airborne Division Association Award - Abigail Beasley

Unit Awards: 
*Most Improved Cadet - Rachael Fowler
*Outstanding Company Award - Marie Culp
*Top Raider - Levi Higdon and Abigail Beasley
*Top Guns - Kaitilynn Manis
*Top Color - Marie Culp
*Top Sabre - Tyler Kennedy
*Top Drill - Kaya Self
*Raider Team Captain - Peyton Griswold, Kimberly Kirtland, and Gody Gladson
*Rifle Team Captain - Kimberly Kirtland
*Color Guard Team Captain - Marie Culp
*Sabre Team Captain - Tyler Kennedy
*Drill Team Captain - Micah Perry
*Academic Excellence (Freshman) - Abigail Beasley
*Academic Excellence (Sophomore) - Ashley Gilbert
*Academic Excellence (Junior) - Marie Culp
*Academic Excellence (Senior) - Sarah Satterfield
*SAI Instructor Leadership - Sarah Satterfield
*Distinguished Cadet - Sarah Satterfield
*Superior Cadet (Freshman) - Abigail Beasley
*Superior Cadet (Sophomore) - Micah Perry
*Superior Cadet (Junior) - Marie Culp
*Superior Cadet (Senior) - Sarah Satterfield

*Best Platoon - Bravo Company 2nd Platoon

*Company First Sergeants:
~~ Lopez, Angel -  McMahan, Olivia -  Beasley, Abigail  ~~
*Company Commander:
~~Manis, Kaitylynn - Perry, Micah - Gilbert, Ashley~~ 
*Battalion Commander - Jones, TC