Excellence Through Training

Chain of Command

Battalion Commander: C/LTC Gunner Gregory

The battalion commander is the highest cadet position available in JROTC. In order to be selected, one must demonstrate superior academic, physical, and leadership skills. Once chosen, the commander has the job of overseeing all the activities and work done in order to keep the battalion running at peak efficiency. It is a job that requires great dedication, discipline, and responsibility.

Battalion Executive Officer: C/Maj Hillary Bilbrey

The battalion executive officer is second in command to the battalion commander and is in charge of the battalion staff. He/She assigns tasks, projects and helps to coordinate the efforts of the staff members. As with the battalion commander, the qualifications for this position are high and the job to be done requires lots of hard work and responsibility.

Command Sergeant Major: C/CSM N/A

The command sergeant major is the senior-most non-commissioned officer. He/She works with the other non-commissioned officers such as company first sergeants and platoon sergeants on matters such as promotion, discipline, and training of JROTC personnel. He/She is also responsible for ensuring that all logistical aspects of events such as drill and ceremony or parades are taken care of and with the best possible conditions for success.

His/Her job takes as much dedication and discipline as the above-mentioned positions.

Primary Staff

Companies - Commanders

S-1: C/Cpt Kerkof, Zachariah

The S-1 is responsible for keeping records of all cadets and their awards, ranks, etc. in JROTC. He/She inputs this information into the JUMS database.

S-2: C/Cpt Millaway, Luke

The S-2 is responsible for the security of items and equipment belongs to JROTC. It is His/Her job to make sure all equipment returned after use and that all items are accounted for.



S-3: C/CPT Malone, David

The S-3 is responsible for weekly training schedules and paper documents such as field trip forms and health physicals. it is His/Her job to make sure all forms are up to date so that anyone who isn't supposed to be on a special trip is not there.

S-4: C/Cpt Pontes, Brianna

The S-4, or logistics officer,  is responsible for the maintenance,security,

and record keeping. He/She is also responsible for issuing uniforms, maintain the supply room and maintaining accountability of all equipment.

S-5: C/Cpt Ratcliff, Estee

The S-5, or public relations officer, is responsible for liaison between JROTC and the community. He/She is also the historian, taking pictures of the unit and compiling them into a CD or scrapbook. 

S-6: C/Cpt Mintz, Shane

The S-6 is the "IT geek" for the unit. He/She maintains and updates the website and also helps with any technical difficulties experienced with any of the computers.

Alpha Company

Company CO: 

C/Cpt Perry, Harper

See Company Chain of Command on the Alpha Company Tab.


Bravo Company

Company CO: 

C/Cpt Dorminy, Brandon

See Company Chain of Command on the Bravo Company Tab.

Charlie Company

Company CO: 

C/Cpt Cartwright, Bobbie

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1st Sergeants

Alpha Company

C/1st SGT Sealy, Jason

Bravo Company

C/1st SGT Blair, Megan

Charlie Company
C/1st SGT Christensen, Marcus