Excellence Through Training

Charlie Company

c/CPT. Perry, Micah

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Charlie:

"Charlie Company is hardworking, determined company filled with some very exceptional cadets who give their all. They won best squad and got the top 3 places, and they excell in other areas as well. I am privileged to lead a Company like Charlie" - c/CPT. Perry

Charlie CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT. Perry, Micah

Company Executive Officer: c/1ST. Lt. Sewell, Gavin 

Company First Sergeant: c/1SGT. Beasley, Abigail

Platoon Leaders:(1) c/1ST LT. Wright, Elijah

                                    (2) c/1ST LT.  Cofer,  Harrisyn

                                    (3) c/2ND LT.  Ward, Hayden 

Platoon Sergeants:(1) c/MSGT. Gibson, Cheyenne

                                        (2) c/SFC. Bilbrey, Hillary

                                        (3) c/SFC. Malone, David

Squad Leaders:(1-1) c/SGT. Ingenito, Salvatore

                                 (1-2) c/SGT. Lurcock, Devin

                                 (1-3) c/CPL. Brown, Hailey 

                                 (2-1) c/SSGT. Wilcox, Hunter

                                 (2-2) c/MSGT. Dove, Elizabeth

                                 (2-3) c/SSGT. Raper, Sean

                                 (3-1) c/SFC. Baker, Allyssia

                                 (3-2) c/SGT. Perry, Harper

                                 (3-3) c/SGT. George, Parker

Charlie Announcements

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