Excellence Through Training

Charlie Company

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Charlie:

"Charlie Company is full of intelligent and dedicated cadets who strive to improve themselves and the people around them. They will work hard to reach their mark and make it to the top."

                                               -C/Cpt. Cartwright, Bobbie

Charlie CoC

Company Commander: C/Cpt. Cartwright, Bobbie

Company Executive Officer: C/ 1Lt. Dotson, Bella

Company First Sergeant: C/1st Sgt. Christensen, Marcus

Platoon Leaders:(1) C/2Lt. Casson, Kaylee

                                    (2) C/1Lt. Porter, Josh


Platoon Sergeants:(1) C/Sgt. Brewington, Johnathan

                                        (2) C/Msg. Key, Alexander


Squad Leaders:(1-1) C/Sgt. Height, Mary

                                 (1-2) C/Sgt. Knight, Kaelyn

                                 (2-1) C/Sgt. Watson, Calwyn

                                 (2-2) C/Ssg. Allen, Nick


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