Excellence Through Training

Bravo Company

c/CPT. Perry, Micah

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Bravo:

Bravo company is a company full of promising new cadets, and experienced upperclassmen willing to teach them. This company strives for excellence in every area and pushes themselves to be the best every day. God Bless

                                                    -Micah Perry



Bravo Announcements

Welcome Back Cadets!

Bravo CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT. Perry, Micah 

Company Executive Officer: c/1st Lt. Couture, John

Company First Sergeant: c/1st SGT. McMahan, Olivia

Platoon Leaders: (1) c/1st Lt. Couture, John

                                     (2) c/ 2nd Lt. Hilliard, Eliga

Platoon Sergeants: (1) c/ SFC. Bilbrey, Hillary

                                         (2) c/ SFC. Muncy, Megan

Squad Leaders:  (1-1) c/ SGT. Carrol, Kyleigh

                                   (1-2) c/ SGT. Garrod, Andrew

                                   (1-3) c/ SGT. Krupinski, Ethan

                                   (2-1) c/ SGT. Bigham, Coby

                                   (2-2) c/ SGT. Lurcock,

                                   (2-3) c/ SGT. Byrum, Cameron