Excellence Through Training

Bravo Company

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Bravo:

"For Bravo company I expect nothing but the best from everyone. I do not need anyone that does not want to be here. Remember, you all are not losers, you are winners. Lets kick the competition."

                                                  -C/Cpt. Malone, Thomas


Company Motto


     "I AM SPEED!!"

Bravo CoC

Company Commander: C/Cpt Brown, Sarah

Company Executive Officer: C/1Lt Derington, Joseph

Company First Sergeant:  C/1Sgt Allen, Nick

Platoon Leaders: (1) C/ Jones, Will

                                     (2) C/ Asble, Susie

                                     (3) C/ Reese, Christopher

Platoon Sergeants: (1) C/ Deal, Caleb

                                         (2) C/ Williams, Wyatt

                                         (3) C/ Shelly, Austin

Squad Leaders:  (1-1) C/ Crisp, Brody

                                   (1-2) C/ Ledford, Lena

                                   (2-1) C/ Navarrete, Ely

                                   (2-2) C/ Rogers, Dakota

                                   (3-1) C/ Raisler, Amy

                                   (3-2)C/ Fincher, Curtis

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