Excellence Through Training

Bravo Company

c/MAJ. Manis, Katilynn

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Bravo:

"Bravo Company is shaping up to look very well this year. I look forward to continue working with this company." - c/MAJ. Manis



Bravo Announcements

JPA is coming up! Get your uniform together!

Bravo CoC

Company Commander: c/MAJ. Manis, Katilynn

Company Executive Officer: c/1st SGT. Lopez, Angel

Company First Sergeant: c/1st SGT. 

Platoon Leaders: (1) c/1st Lt. Carrol, Kyleigh

                                     (2) c/ 1st Lt. Myers, Syi

Platoon Sergeants: (1) c/ SFC. Culp, Nicholas

                                         (2) c/ SFC. Veihman,Dylan

Squad Leaders:  (1-1) c/ SGT. Malone, Thomas

                                   (1-2) c/ CPL. King, Lillian

                                   (1-3) c/ SGT. Sharp, Niyah

                                   (2-1) c/ SGT. Reyes, Ahlyis

                                   (2-2) c/ SGT. Bitthe, Zachary

                                   (2-3) c/ STG. Therrell, Sean