Excellence Through Training

Alpha Company

C/Cpt. Perry, Harper

Here's what the company commander has to say about Alpha:

"Alpha Company cadets will always strive to live up to the JROTC motto. They are always ready to exceed expectations and excel in their academic and leadership capabilities."

                                                        -C/Cpt. Harper Perry

Alpha Announcements:


Alpha CoC

Company Commander: C/ CPT Perry, Harper

Company Executive Officer: C/ 1Lt. Taylor, Bryson

Company First Sergeant: C/ 1 Sgt Sealy, Jason

Platoon Leaders: (1) C/2nd Lt. Raper, Sean

                                     (2) C/2nd Lt.  Varnell, Austin                         

Platoon Sergeants: (1) C/MSgt. Derrington, Joseph

                                         (2) C/Sfc Bittke, Zachary

Squad Leaders:  (1-1) C/Sgt. Lurcock, Devin  

                                   (1-2) C/Sgt. Rogers, Kasey 

                                   (2-1) C/Sgt. Green, Courtney

                                   (2-2) C/Sgt.  Burdin, Kaylee