Excellence Through Training

Alpha Company

c/CPT. Gilbert, Ashley

Here's what the company commander has to say about Alpha:

"The key to success is keeping up consistency, staying strong, and always being determined. Alpha company is epitome of success." - c/CPT Gilbert

Alpha CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT. Gilbert, Ashley

Company Executive Officer: n/a

Company First Sergeant: c/1SGT. Beavers, Braden

Platoon Leaders: (1) c/2ND LT. Coop, Ashlley

                                     (2) c/1ST LT. Dotson, Gavin

                                     (3) c/2ND LT. Shaw, Allie


Platoon Sergeants: (1) c/SFC. Higgenbottom, Tyler

                                       (2) c/SFC. Gregory, Gunner

                                         (3) c/SFC. Alex, Dees

Squad Leaders: (1-1) c/SSG. Greer, Savana

                                  (1-2) c/SGT. Miller, Alexis

                                  (1-3) c/SGT. Brewer, Lynda

                                  (2-1) c/SGT. Glackin, Ethan

                                  (2-2) c/SGT. Kopp, Emily

                                  (2-3) c/SGT. Porter, Josh

                                  (3-1) c/sGT. Dorminy, Brandon

                                  (3-2) c/CPL. Finnell, Lucas

                                  (3-3) c/SSG. Hawkins,  Nathen

Alpha Announcements

JPA is coming up! Get your uniform together!