Excellence Through Training

Alpha Company

c/CPT. Manis, Kaitlynn

Here's what the company commander has to say about Alpha:

"This year Alpha is the smallest company and I feel that we will do great things this year despite being the smallest." - c/CPT. Manis

Alpha CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT.  Manis, Kaitlynn

Company Executive Officer: c/CPT. Culp, Marie

Company First Sergeant: c/1SGT. Lopez, Angel

Platoon Leaders: (1) 2nd LT. Higdon, Levi

                                     (2) 2nd LT. Cofer, Harriyson

Platoon Sergeants: (1) SFC. Henley, Titan

                                       (2) SFC. Alexander, Destiny

Squad Leaders: (1-1) SGT. Michaels, Harley

                                  (1-2) SGT. Thomas, Scott

                                  (1-3) SFC. Dove, Elizabeth 

                                  (2-1) SFC. Muncy, Megan

                                  (2-2) SGT. Culp, Nicholas

                                  (2-3) SGT. Higgenbottom, Tyler

Alpha Announcements

Welcome back cadets!