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Benefits of Junior ROTC: In addition to the physical fitness and character building benefits of taking the JROTC class, students also receive credit for other courses by participating in the program.

JROTC 1A -  gives cadets a full elective credit (applies to all semesters after credits list below have been received)

JROTC 1A - gives cadets a half credit of required Physical Education

JROTC 1B - gives cadets a half credit of required Health/Wellness 

JROTC 2B - gives cadets a half credit of required Personal Finance

“Motivating young people to be better citizens”

            This is the reason Army JROTC, or Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, exists and the Bradley Central High School Bear Battalion has been doing it since the program was restored, for the first time in thirty years, in 2010. Under the direction of Senior Army Instructor LTC Chris Ingle and Army Instructor SFC Roger Wright, the program has turned ordinary people into extraordinary leaders who have risen to every challenge they have faced.

            In JROTC, cadets learn the importance of core values such as respect and integrity as well as important skills in life such as teamwork and leadership. Activities such as physical training (PT) and the obstacle course challenge cadets to push and discover within themselves new values of courage and perseverance. The structure within the unit and classes, and the ROTC uniform, instill pride in cadets and give them a sense of “esprit de corps.” Bradley Central JROTC is also highly involved in the community, participating in local parades and giving to the community through service learning projects. There are also opportunities to get involved even more by being a part of one of the special teams such as the raider, rifle, drill, color guard and sabre team. 

            Academics are also a very important part of JROTC. Once a year a team is put together to participate in the JROTC Academic bowl, a nationwide competition with JROTC units from all areas of the country. The bowl consists of three rounds with the third and final round being held in the Capitol of Washington, DC. Aside from promoting the academic excellence already in people, we also help those who might be struggling with academics. No man is left behind and other cadets will willingly surrender their precious time to help another cadet succeed. JROTC is a family and we will do anything to make sure everyone will succeed and be the best that they can be.

             JROTC is all about leadership. Every activity is centered on making cadets into better leaders. Cadets begin by learning the basics of leadership by participating in class discussions and leading the class in the daily reciting of the pledge of allegiance. As cadets progress to their second semester, or LET 2, they are able to fill leadership positions within the unit.  Positions start with a simple squad command and go all the way to command of a company and maybe even command of the entire battalion. The way the unit is structured gives cadets a chance to practice vital leadership skills and progress to new levels. While in command of their units, cadets learn what it means to be leader and to have other people depending on them for success. The skills they learn here will stay with them for life and let them reach new heights and accomplish their dreams.