Excellence Through Training

Rifle Team


Rifle team has practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school at the rifle range in the upper gym during the regular season. Additional practices and matches may be added at the instructor's discretion.

Upcoming Competitions/ Events:


  • State Championship Jan 28
  • League Shootout Fed 4
  • service Nationals Feb 9-11
  • National Championships 16-18 march (possibility)

LEADER: c/MAJ Kimberly Kirtland

    The air is still, the range is quiet as the members of the rifle team aim at their tiny targets. Suddenly, the silence is broken by bursts of air and sharp cracks as the pellets find their ways to the bulls eyes. This is a typical scenario of what the rifle team does when they compete and practice. 

    Deadly Accuracy; this is what you must strive to achieve if you wish to be a part of this elite team. This feat requires great amounts of patience, concentration, and precision. Through self-discipline, members of the rifle team are highly skilled in controlling their involuntary body movements, and reaching a level of concentration which grants them their full potential. 

    By honing the skills mentioned previously (which very few people are actually cable of doing) you qualify to be a part of the BCHS JROTC Rifle Team! 



The 2014-15 BCHS Rifle Team won the State Championship during the April competition in Nashville, TN!!!!!  All four primary shooters were awarded "All State" (Miricle Peels, Garrett Chastain, Owen Coop IV and Montana Hill).  

Overall, here's a quick list of their incredible accomplishments of last year:

*  League Champs

*  League Shootout (Tournament) Champs

*  7th Brigade Champions

*  The new sporter team (all rookies) finished 2d in the new sporter class.

*  Tn State Jr. Olympic Champs

*  TN State Champions

*  6th in the nation for Army JROTC sporter class rifle teams.

*  20th in the nation for all JROTC sporter class teams. 

Check out the BC JROTC Facebook page for all the details!!