Excellence Through Training

Raider Team

Recent Event Results

16 Sept. Ringold
23 Sept. Soddy Daisy
7 Oct. LFO
4 Nov. Best Raider 

Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (optional) and Thursday after school until 5:00

   It is a warm, lazy September Saturday and the stillness in the air is broken only by one sound: the sound of the Raider team hard at work. Working efficiently, like a group of ants, they quickly build a bridge over a once looming river gorge (or little woodland stream) and within seconds the team is across. This, and many other events like obstacle course and log carry, are all a part of being on the Raider team, a group of highly skilled individuals with extraordinary physical and teamwork skills. The Raider team trains together regularly, honing their physical talents to a high level of proficiency, to prepare for the rigors of competition. It takes more than being physically fit to be on Raider team; one must be able to work well with others to complete the events required. Through hard work and self-determination, however, anyone can have the incredible experience of being a part of something greater than themselves: the Raider team. The work may be hard, the challenges difficult at times, but the experience is rewarding.


The Raider team performs at various competitions throughout the year, and in the past have achieved 1st in Confidence Course and 2nd in Sand Bag Challenge at the Catoosa Challenge in Catoosa County, Georgia and Best Raider Team and 2nd Best Raider (Andrew Vykhrist) at a Raider Challenge in Lafayette, Georgia.

The Raider team is currently under the command of c/CPT Cody Gladson