Excellence Through Training

Charlie Company

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Charlie: 

Charlie company so far has a lot of potential, I think it has the potential to be the best company so far with practice, respect, and correct leadership. Although not everyone is the best, so far they try and that's something most don't do, I believe we can get much better as I have a larger number of leaders. Charlie company will be full of trust, and leadership as I believe that's what makes us better. Charlie has a lot in store for the Bear Battalion and for myself.~~ Cdt/Cpt Morgan

Charlie CoC

Company Commander: c/MAJ, Goines, Johnathon

Company Executive Officer: c/1LT Gavin West

Company First Sergeant: c/1SG Tyler Kennedy

Platoon Leaders:(1) c/2nd LT. Norwood, Trevor

                                    (2c/2nd LT. Johnson, Zurielle

Platoon Sergeants:(1) c/SSG. Syi,  Myers

                                        (2) c/SFC. Swilling, Chandler


Squad Leaders: Gray Jacob,  Murray Julien, Couture John, Jerrod Bell, Jenkins Devin, Baker Landen,

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