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Bravo Company

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Bravo:

"Bravo Company is an outstanding company full of outstanding people. I see so much potential for great leaders. I can't wait to see the upcoming cadets become leaders this year."



Bravo CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT. Marie Culp

Company Executive Officer: --------

Company First Sergeant: c/1SGT. Micah Perry 

Platoon Leaders: (1) 2nd LT Tucker Charles

                                     (2) 2nd LT Blake Odum

Platoon Sergeants: (1) SFC Katilynn Manis

                                         (2) SFC Lakisha Crumbley

Squad Leaders:  Allie Shaw, Jacob Brumley, Bryan Smith, Cheyenne Gibson, Eliga Hillard, Marissa Parris

Bravo Announcements

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