Excellence Through Training

Bravo Company

Here is what the Company Commander has to say about Bravo:

I feel if all of Bravo wishes to improve themselves through this program. Coming together, and working as a team to improve each other. I absolutely love my company as a family and would do anything in the world for them. I have high hopes for them later on in there life as a group.~~~ cdt/CPT Goines



Bravo CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT. Morgan, Hunter

Company Executive Officer: c/1ST LT. Chase, Bryson

Company First Sergeant: c/SGM. Pace

Platoon Leaders: (1) c/1LT. Kirkland, Kimberly

                                     (2) c/2LT. Satterfield, Sarah

Platoon Sergeants: (1) c/ MSG. Jones, Theodore

                                         (2) c/SFC. Strickland, Dylan

Squad Leaders:  Beshears Breanna, Butler Zack, Coop Ashley, Cain Dylan, Beard Jacob

Bravo Announcements

Congratulations On Wining Best Platoon 
DEC 3rd Best Company Winner