Excellence Through Training

Alpha Company

Here's what the company commander has to say about Alpha:

 Alpha Company is the smallest company in our JROTC program. Just like any other company, it need some work but I foresee a lot of potential. Alpha is full of hard-work and discipline, I intend to instill a great amount of teamwork, leadership, and discipline. I feel like these are three things our society needs more of so what better way than cadets learning to better themselves? I look forward to a great year with great people. Go Alpha!!!~~~cdt/CPT Murray

Alpha CoC

Company Commander: c/CPT. Murray

Company Executive Officer: c/1LT. Houk

Company First Sergeant: c/1SGT. Culp

Platoon Leaders: (1) c/CPT. Cooper, Johnathan

                                     (2) c/MAJ. Rosero, Omar


Platoon Sergeants: (1) c/SFC. Tucker, Charles

                                         (2) c/SFC. Gladson, Cody


Squad Leaders: Cofer Harrison ,Gilbert Ashley ,Smith Bryan ,Steffens Gregory ,West Kathryn 

Alpha Announcements

Congratulations For Wining Best Squad